Providing the Ultimate Flat Roofing System in Ascot, Berkshire

Invest in top-quality protective measures for your flat roof. Regency Roofing Co. Ltd in Ascot, Berkshire is an approved, independent installer of the RubberBond roofing system, providing protection for all flat roofs with a proven life expectancy of more than 40 years. We also hold the coveted British Board of Agreement Certificate. Our business employs only fully trained flat roofing specialists to give you complete peace of mind that we are an authorised distributor to solve your flat roof problem.


Flexible Solutions

From large, commercial installations to residential options, RubberBond can be easily fitted to all types of flat roofs on:

Flexible Solutions

  • Garages

  • Extensions

  • Porches

  • Dormers

This can all be done at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.


Multitude of Benefits

RubberBond is a unique polyester fleece-backed EPDM membrane, which creates a very thick 2.54mm sheet. The benefits include:

Multitude of Benefits

  • Easily Bends with No Stress to Follow the Contours of the Roof

  • Unaffected by Temperature Extremes

  • Ultraviolet Radiation and Ozone-Resistant

  • Unique 3-Metre Wide Rolls

  • Will Not Tear, Split, or Crack

  • Does Not Become Brittle or Degrade with Age

  • Tough Enough to Walk On

  • Moss and Fungus-Resistant

  • Safe to Install: The System is Laid with Cold-Applied Adhesives

  • No Heat or Welding Required during Installation

  • Environmentally Friendly Material

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rubberbond Expensive?

No. Despite its considerable technical advantages, it compares well with other quality roofing systems, and because of its long life span it can work out much more affordable over time.

Can I Walk on It?

Yes, it is designed for maintenance access. For heavy usage such as roof patio areas, it can be overlaid with a variety of durable finishes, such as paving slabs and timer/plastic decking.

Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, it is an inert material with limited environmental impact during manufacture and use.

Why Is It the Best?

Unlike other roofing systems that degrade or become brittle, the membrane maintains its integrity and flexibility throughout its life span.

Does It Require Any Maintenance?

No, it does not require systematic maintenance.

EPDM: Suitable for Both Domestic and Commercial Projects

EPDM is guaranteed to last for more than 20 years, making it a cost-effective solution for both homeowners and businesses alike. It is also proven to still be effective after 50 years - used all over the world and more commonly used in the UK - high-performance fleece reinforced EPDM is revolutionising flat roofs.


Numerous Advantages

EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is weather resistant even in extreme climates. It is also lightweight, flexible, and stretches to accommodate typical building movement. The fleece reinforcement that gives EPDM flat roofing membrane has outstanding puncture resistance and prevents shrinkage.

Flexible Features

This roofing solution is ideal for most flat roof applications, and suitable to use for repair, renewal, and new-build, fleece reinforced EPDM is not only a superior product, but its installation is also advanced. With specialist glues and pre-applied seaming tapes, fleece reinforced EPDM flat roofing is cold-applied without the need to use hazardous roofing torches or bitumen boilers, making it faster, safer, and more importantly, robust.

Environmentally Friendly and Fully Recyclable

Choosing fleece reinforced EPDM for your flat roof will help you to become more energy-efficient as well as reducing your overall heating costs. EPDM flat roofing doesn't come at a costly price - in comparison to other flat roofing systems, EPDM is simple to install, which means reduced labour costs for you. With its durability, it effectively eliminates the chances of future roof repairs or renewals.

3-Layer Built-Up Felt Roofing

Regency Roofing Co. Ltd offer 3-layer built-up felt roofing solutions, a more traditional form of flat roofing. It has 3 layers of hot laid felt and bitumen, and is usually installed with green mineral edgings, boasting a long lifespan with a stone-chipped topcoat. Due to its affordability combined with durability, it is one of the most common flat roofing systems used. Once fitted, it comes with a 10-year guarantee, making it suitable for most flat roofs.

You can also look to Regency Roofing Co. Ltd for a premium slating and tiling service.

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